Easy installation
Easy installation
In just a few seconds, you can easily build your virtual energy network and activate the local electricity market. Whether you are a customer, a product consumer or a microgrid company, easy installation will be available.
Handle secure transactions in seconds
Handle secure transactions in seconds
With data forecasting and intelligent assistance, you can easily scan your household electricity consumption and deal with fluctuations in energy costs and benefits.
One-stop management
One-stop management
Our technology function includes that the interaction between entities inside and outside the network, such as the transfer of data, assets and currency, will be carried out quickly through Starry's blockchain.
Energy asset liquidity loop
Energy asset liquidity loop
The data associated with a machine will consist of a complete data supply loop. Based on the trusted data group, the right to use energy assets can be transferred or acquired, such as trading right or income right.


Based on advanced measurement infrastructure and distributed microcontrollers, it will provide peak time and location accurate data to manage each machine.
High precision sense and control
Maintain the final consistency of the global state machine and support the transmission of general messages.
Trustworthy computing machine
Energy data will be transmitted through multiple oracles, and key values will be stored on the blockchain. Customers maintain their data.
Energy data supply loop
It will provide basic services and support the application layer.
Energy loop and API factory
You can run and manage your business through a virtual energy network.
Energy trading and management system



Starry can be adapted to grids of any size. Whether it is a regional network, a microgrid, a residential building, or several electric vehicles charging stations, everything can be organized into an open energy network through BaaS service, a kind of interface Starry provides, where users can implement DE-intermediation, low-cost electricity metering, billing, and trading. User is able to form and join the marketplace to trade energy and enable consumers to source renewable energy from their local community.


Starry builds bridges between different grid networks. Interactions between entities inside and outside the network, such as the transfer of data, assets, and currencies, will be quickly carried out through Starry's blockchain. Meanwhile, Starry provides underlying consensus security for every micro-network. Securely integrate to third-party software such as your billing system and energy devices to power your marketplace and streamline your customer’s experience.


Starry empowers customers to build their energy interaction interface. Lead your consumers on a new energy journey, starting with valuable energy tools on a branded mobile application, to learn about their energy profile and renewable engagement opportunities. In terms of energy, every kilowatt will be consumed at the most appropriate time for the household appliances that the user needs most. Every user forms their optimal distribution of household electricity, from the perspective of economy and efficiency. Analyze the market with customer and trade analytic, trading dynamics, offer subscriptions, and other configurable analytic from your consumers in an easy-to-use portal.