We provide Svolt, EMS, and SNODE for customers and operators to monitor and manage energy generation and consumption. By using Starry, you can easily check, pay and even buy electricity in local markets.


An app that connects with all your energy consumption

An intelligent and modern way to power your household

Pay your electricity bill
Subscribe to renewable energy
Manage your electricity usage


A firm and secure platform for all your energy trades

A platform that provides visual energy trading clearly

Execute fast, secure and reliable transactions
Provide customized energy management module
Trace real-time energy consumption and generation


An essential and basic device for smart grid
A gateway for state-of-the-art IoT communication

Why Svolt

Attract customers

Take advantage of opportunities to get to know customers, create fanatical fans, and create unprecedented loyalty and growth opportunities.


Starry builds bridges between different grid networks. Interactions between entities inside and outside the network, such as the transfer of data, assets, and currencies, will be quickly carried out through Starry's blockchain. Meanwhile, Starry provides underlying consensus security for every micro-network. Securely integrate to third-party software such as your billing system and energy devices to power your marketplace and streamline your customer’s experience.


Starry empowers customers to build their energy interaction interface. Lead your consumers on a new energy journey, starting with valuable energy tools on a branded mobile application, to learn about their energy profile and renewable engagement opportunities. In terms of energy, every kilowatt will be consumed at the most appropriate time for the household appliances that the user needs most. Every user forms their optimal distribution of household electricity, from the perspective of economy and efficiency. Analyze the market with customer and trade analytic, trading dynamics, offer subscriptions, and other configurable analytic from your consumers in an easy-to-use portal.